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" Hope for Us," John 17: 20-26, Pastor Marvin G Spence

While we were yet sinners, Jesus sees what we could be if we were freed from sin's captivity. He thought we worth saving and chose to atone for our sins with a redeeming death on the cross for us. It is the Lord's hope that we take advantage of the salvation gift and live Christ-changed life which influences others. What does a Christ-changed life look like? We embrace and welcome opportunities to be blessings to others without judgment or personal agendas. We learn to love others unconditionally while humbly recalling our sinful lives and that it took "a moment" to begin to fall in love with the Lord and His teachings. Our hope in the Lord neither disappointed us nor was it misplaced. Let our prayer be that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live with hope that the Lord will say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," when our life is over.

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