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"Hell: Not What You Want to Think About (But You Need to Know About)," Mark 9: 38-50 9Key Verses 43-48) Pastor Richard Strode

Living life today with "Breaking News" interrupting our daily routine with reports of needless, senseless violence often impacting Black lives, it seems that we are living in the end-times (2Tim. 3: 1-5). As Believers we understand that the "end-times" announce the end of this life as we know it. We believe all will be resurrected into new creations with eternal bodies and life. Jesus tells us in John 14 that He has gone to prepare a place in Heaven for us to reside with him and He is coming back for us. So, what happens to those who are unprepared to go to Heaven? They go to Hell along with Satan, fallen angels and unrepentant Sinners.

Jesus' teaching of His Disciples can serve as a cautionary learning for us today. Don't let your heart (emotions) cloud your judgment about doing the right thing for the right reasons. Don't let your hands (actions) commit deeds which make others question whether you are indeed a Christian. Don't let your eyes play tricks on your mind and see a false vision of what it means to love one another. Our Lord is very clear in describing Hell (Gehenna) as a spiritual garbage dump filled with unrepentant sinners suffering eternal torment with no hope of rescue because they are separated from God. With the Holy Spirit's empowerment, we will not let our desires for the material world doom us to an eternity in Hell. When offered a Heavenly home, love, peace and joy, Hell is not for you and I because we chose to follow the Lord.

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