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"Hear the Proclamation of Promise," Luke 3: 1-6, Pastor Marvin G Spence

People burdened with the troubles of this world (depression, financial/health/ relational difficulties, etc.) need Believers to compassionately meet them at their point of need. Life lessons learned from John, the Baptist: 1. Use "real talk" to address people's real needs. Remember James 2: 15-16-- our faith in action requires us to do more than pray for each other, when we have the resources to make a difference in another's life. 2. Change requires an effort--John told those seeking an honest relationship with God to repent and commit to living a life which reflects what God has called them to do: Love God and love others as God as loved us. 3. Divine Promise fulfilled for the repentant--Accept the Lord's forgiveness, embrace baptism as a statement of being a Christ-changed person. With John's proclamation we have hope which will neither disappoint us nor a Holy Spirit which let us fail.

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