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"Gear Up for Life," Mark 6: 14-29, Pastor Marvin G Spence

It is somewhat amusing the sacrificial investments some folks make in expense and time to make their attire (gear) reflect current and always changing fashions. It is even more amazing that those who are Believers may not invest similar efforts in making sure that they are "geared up" for eternal life. The amazement continues when scripture teaches that God had elected all who chose to the opportunity to become one of his Christian family. All they had to do was invest in maintaining a genuine relationship with the Lord. The rest of our lives becomes the best of our lives because we were adopted (chosen) into His family with all the benefits that come with being in the Lord's family (forgiveness, grace, love, mercy and peace). God values us so much that God redeemed us from sin's captivity with the redeeming death of His Only Begotten Son. "Gearing Up" means putting the past sinful behaviors behind and clothing ourselves in righteous living with a heavenly destination as our goal.

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