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"Firmly Established," Luke 1:46b-55, Pastor Marvin G Spence

There are certain spiritual truths that we hold to be self-evident for Believers which are firmly established in our faith DNA: God's gifts to humanity are forgiveness, grace, love, mercy and redemption. Jesus' atoning death on the cross for our sins made it possible for us to have a new beginning. While some struggle to find a moral compass/GPS to live a repentant life, Jesus' life among us and His teachings provides the foundation for living a Christ-changed life. When we look at the four pillars of our faith (Tradition, Reason, Scripture, and Life Experience), we must adopt the Lord's perspective and apply His teachings in our living if we are to mature as Christian disciples. Our faith must be so firmly established that we can, with the Holy Spirit's empowerment ,prevail over the challenges, criticisms and struggles which are the occupational hazards when we live as we ought and encourage others to join the Lord's Divine family.

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