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"Fight for the Freedom Within Me," Romans 7: 15--25; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Paul's letter to the Roman church teaches its Believers and us, that even with Jesus' life as a standard to live by, we must battle to maintain our Christian freedom and integrity. Sinful actions begin with a sinful heart and mind. Our innate ability to sin is part of our spiritual DNA which is only overridden with intervention of the Holy Spirit. We must confess our sinfulness and pray for the Holy Spirit to abide within us to overcome our desire to do what the flesh desires. We must ask for discernment so that we can face the sometimes uncomfortable truth that Christians are sinners saved by the Lord's grace.

Ephesians 6: 10--13 cautions the reader that the battle for our souls can be overwhelming because our enemies are spiritual powers, principalities and Satan. We can successfully fight the powers that be against us when we call upon His Name, Jesus, which is above all other names and has the power to vanquish any foe. To do the right thing and live as a Christian ought, we need to remind and encourage ourselves that there is Holy Spirit Power in the pleading the shed Blood of Jesus.

Are we willing to fight to maintain the Christian freedom which we have already gained by embracing our disciplining experience?

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