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"Do I Need a Makeover?" Colossians 3: 1--17; Pastor Richard Strode

It is said that "clothes make the person" which can also be applied to the spiritual clothes we wear as "Born Again" Christians. Periodically, we need to look in our spiritual mirror and discern if our external actions truly represent our internal convictions. Do I need to be made over into the person that the Lord wants me to be? When clothes don't fit properly, one examines the outfit to see what is in the way and remove it. There are actions, motives and sins in our lives that need to be removed so that our spiritual wardrobe fits us properly. There is a" Christian Dress Code "which leaves no room to wear our old sinful clothes made of our sinful actions, desires, motivations and sins. Just as we don't wear the same thing every day, spiritually we must daily put on our "Jesus" clothes. It may be comfortable and tempting to wear old clothes (sinful actions, desires, motivations and sin). Because clothing ourselves with compassionate love for others, humbling making others the priority and displaying long-suffering patience is not always a comfortable fit. We need divine assistance to wear our new clothes as a true representative of the Lord. Accept the Lord, the " Master Potter," as the change agent in your life. He wants to make you over again. Humbly accept the Lord's offer while there is still time.

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