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"Declaration of Dependence," Psalm 71: 1-5; Pastor Richard Strode

From birth with learning to walk and dress ourselves, to adulthood when we learn to support ourselves, we have been indoctrinated to be independent and self-reliant. Life lessons have taught us often we need someone beside ourselves to survive in this world. This is the life application lesson we find in King David's petition to God to remain his refuge, rock and fortress even in his old age. We worry about the same things as older people: Financial stability, Health Issues, Relationships, Regrettable decisions and the Meaning of Life. When these thoughts consume our minds, we risk becoming susceptible to giving to the pressures of this world and making those concerns our god. When we do this, we are saying we have no confidence in the Lord to be our Provider, Protector, Healer our Intercessor. Invest the time needed to know what it means to depend on the Lord and reflect on what the Lord's grace has already accomplished in your life. We are never alone; we must reach out as David did and call upon the Lord because we, Believers, are His family. Declare your dependance on the Lord--it will be the best decision you will ever make.

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