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"Change is Necessary; Change is Possible--We Are in the Season of Opportunity," Jonah 3: 1--5, 10 Pastor Marvin Spence

God compassionately replies to our cries for help in His perfect timing, in the right season and sometimes uses unlikely people to carry out His plan. Like Jonah, who initially ran away from God's call to minister to his people's enemies, the Ninevites, we resist our calling to help others who we judge to be undeserving. When we are called to be God's change agents, we must humble ourselves and use our God-given gifts, talents and resources to share the gospel without excuses, resentment or reservations. When God has determined that change is necessary, we must decide whether we are fighting for the Lord's agenda or a hindrance unsuccessfully blocking that which has been ordained. We may feel that opportunities to live within the Lord's will is no longer an option but as you study your Bible, you will learn that God will give you yet another chance. Decide during this season of your life to be the Lord's essential outreach worker--the benefits are grace, mercy, and eternal life with the Lord.

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