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"Challenged," Luke 4: 1-13, Pastor Marvin Spence

Christians are non-traditionalists and non-conformists according to worldly wisdom. Because our loving, selfless behavior toward others is out-of-step with the worldly perspective of looking out for number one. It not surprising that skeptical observers would question and test our sincerity. When Jesus was tempted by the devil to compromise his integrity for worldly trappings of achievement, power and success, Jesus remained true to His calling by relying on God's Word. We will face challenges as we try to live a faithful Christian life when our prayers seen unanswered, problems increase, family and friends desert us. Jesus' life application lesson for us is to rely on God's Word for discernment, wisdom and strength. We should prepare for life's challenges by applying the wisdom of Ephesians 6: 11-13 and clothe ourselves in the whole armor of God.

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