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" Uncomfortable Truths--Bible, Racism and Slavery; Pastor Richard Strode

We believe that God's Inerrant Word, the Bible, was written under Holy Spirit guidance, but we also know that the Bible was misused by some to enslave, exploit and marginalize Blacks, women, and people of color while enriching themselves. People have taken scripture out of context to assert that enslaving Black people was the fulfillment of a biblical curse and that slaves should accept their status and work as though working for the Lord. There are examples of racism in the Bible--the "Chosen People" unwilling to accept anyone who was not a direct descendant of Abraham, mixed race Samaritans and Gentiles. Yet the Son of God was of mixed race maternally (Ruth) and paternally (Rahab). Take note, Jesus came to save the entire world from sin's captivity. What is the whole truth? Bible says that God so loved the world, not some of the world, that He gave His Son as an atoning sacrifice for everyone. Bible does not condone slavery, in fact (1 Cor. 7: 21) encourages slaves to seek freedom. Bible also says to treat slaves as Christians brothers and sisters. What is the Bible saying to you about judging others, compassionately loving others and feeling a connection with those who are poor in the eyes of the world?

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