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"Behind Your Freedom," Exodus 14: 19--31, Pastor Marvin G Spence

Most of us are familiar with the Hebrew's Red Sea experience which freed them from Egyptian oppression and set them on course to the Promised Land. Unlike the Hebrews who initially failed to understand God's compassion toward them, we have learned the following faith lessons: God’s planning and timing answers our prayers in a manner that positions us to succeed; provides a preview of the best yet to come and guarantees victory over those who may oppose you. Part of our faith maturity is learning patience and following the path that God has ordained for us. Unlike the newly freed Hebrews who failed to appreciate what they had gained, we must celebrate what God has set us free from (emotional baggage, family, financial worries, etc.). We should not look back to the past, thinking things were not that bad in the old days--they were indeed bad. We are unable to set ourselves free so we confidently pray to God that God would rescue us from those things which oppress and enslave us today. Our challenge is to use our freedom wisely, reflecting on the fact that the cost of our freedom came at the cost the Lord's atoning death on the Cross for us.

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