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Matthew 10: 24--39, "Before My Father," Pastor Marvin G. Spence

Jesus's words in Matthew 10: 24-39 provides us an excellent Father's Day life lesson on the proper relationship between a father and his children.  This lesson can be passed down from generation to generation as a family value. First teaching: Respect your father as Jesus respected His Father, value His life lessons and wisdom as it relates to you. Second teaching: Be patient as Jesus was with his disciples and as His Father is patient with us. Third teaching: Be as humble as the disciples who sat at Jesus' feet. This is a statement of honesty that we don't know it all that but our Father will use the truth to build us into mature people of God. Fourth teaching: Experience empowerment, confident self-esteem and emotional freedom when we live in harmony with the Lord's teaching and respect for our Father and our earthly fathers. Life is full of challenges and we thank the Lord for those Christian fathers and father figures who taught us about accountability, responsibility and how to live as a Christian ought.

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