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Matthew 5: 1—12; Pastor Marvin G. Spence

It would be difficult to think of anything more demeaning and depressing than living as an American slave but Jesus compassionately understands what it means to be marginalized by race or social status ( those people), living with the Jim Crow legacy or being one of "the haves and the have nots." Jesus was an outsider who could fit in one, some or all those categories. When one hears the word "Blessed" applied to our personal challenges and faith questions, it changes our attitude toward this transitional life when we know there is a better eternal life awaiting us. Our season of satisfaction is found in Scripture, prayer and on our faith journey that trouble don't last always. When we feel that we are overwhelmed with life's problems, remember we are never alone and that we are "blessed and highly favored" even if only you understand it.

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