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"Beat Injustice with Persistence," Luke 18: 1-8; Pastor Marvin Spence

In the midst of personal suffering and witnessing so many injustices afflicted on us without immediate relief from the pain, we learn a faith-life lesson from the victimized widow described in Luke 18: 1-8. Even though the odds favor failure rather than success, the widow persisted in pleading her case for justice. We, too, must be persistent in our faith and prayers for justice. Faith and prayer must precede any action we take to fight injustice. We find encouragement in scriptures, such as, 2nd Chronicles 7: 14. Trust the Lord's timing justice will prevail over injustice. Be confident that God will always provide, protect and preserve His family. We are called to display holy boldness as victors rather than enable our continued victimization. While the battle is the Lord's we must be equipped in our spiritual armor when the Lord calls us to something about injustice.

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