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"Attaining Heavenly Wisdom--Lessons Learned from an Intelligent Man," John 3: 1--17; Pastor R. Strode

We commemorate the deaths of our military who paid with their lives so that we could enjoy freedoms unique to Americans. We live in a mean world where a dog-eat-dog mentality is valued; where compassion is limited; where the poor allegedly have too much and the rich not enough is the sign of the times. The sacrifice of a few allowed the many to continue to live free but it also reminds us of the sacrifice of one man, Jesus, provided salvation for everyone who chose to believe God's love for them.

It makes little sense using conventional wisdom to understand why someone would sacrifice their lives for another until one seeks divine wisdom. There is a lesson to be learned from Nicodemus who needed Jesus to teach him a new thinking which made pleasing God with his actions the priority.

We must learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, apply those teachings to our lives and encourage others to follow us as we follow the Lord's example.

Conscience Questions: 1. Have we learned to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance in our lives? 2. Are we a better Christian this year than the previous year? 3. Do we have a Christian legacy worth sharing with others? If the answers to these questions are yes, then one is growing into his/her Christian calling.

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