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"Apply the Balm," Jeremiah 8: 18-19: 1; Pastor Marvin G Spence

When we physically push ourselves to complete our work or reach certain exercise goals, we risk being sore, tired and possibly discouraged to keep pushing ourselves. We know there are balms, such as Icy-hot, Salon-Pas Patches or Tiger Balm White Ointment, which are pain relievers that remove the pain and allow us to continue exerting ourselves. Spiritually Believers can overextend themselves when we try to be the answer to other folks' problems without praying first. This scripture teaches us that our spiritual pain reliever is found in scripture and prayer which comforts us and bring us peace for our hearts and minds. If we want to remain spiritually healthy, then we must confidently "take our medicine" and trust recovery is coming to you. Decide today that spiritual healing can only come from the Lord and His Holy Spirit. Seasons come and go but the Lord's promises never fail us. Call on His Name and see what happens.

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