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"Ancestral Finds," Jeremiah 2: 4-13

We live in a digital world with an overload of information and life experiences which are only a few keystrokes away from our fingertips. In our quest to be skilled at accessing worldly wisdom, we often overlook the wealth of life-lessons and wisdom that our elders would share with us if we asked them. When we fail to listen and learn from our elders ' missteps and mistakes, we risk making the same mistakes. Our elders' prayer is that we listen, learn and keep our focus on continuing our faith journey. We learn that persistent faith in all circumstances, in bad and good times, will grow our commitment to trust the Lord's teaching and follow His life's examples. Our elders probably are less tech savvy than us, but they have a wealth of wisdom to share about the power of Holy Spirit discernment. By the grace of God, we too will become elders. What are the faith life lessons that we want our children and their descendants to learn from us before it's too late? Just as we research and use "Facetime, Google, Instagram, DM, Tik Tok, YouTube and other social media to increase our knowledge, we should invest time to access life lessons from our elders and increase our wisdom.

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