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"After Repentance, What Shall I Do? Luke 3: 7--18, Pastor Richard Strode

During Advent, we reflect with anticipation the birth of Jesus, Immanuel (God in human form), as the fulfillment of God's promise to redeem us from the bondage of sin. John, the Baptist, message of repentance of sins is a necessary step as we prepare for Christ's coming. His teachings remind us to prepare for Jesus' Second Advent when the Lord comes to judge how we use the salvation gift to live a life which resembles His life lessons in our faith journey. John reminds us to simply express our faith with what we already have: clothes in our closet; food in our pantry; money that we can spare; fellowship with another and compassion with the troubled. We meet people where they are: Care enough to laugh with them; cry with them; sigh with them during life's rough patches and pray with them. With the Holy Spirit's encouragement and empowerment, we can simply express our faith by how we show love for one another. This is what we do as repentant Believers.

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