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"Advance Your Career," Mark 10: 35-45; Pastor Marvin Spence

Conventional worldly wisdom measures success by ambitious aggression to achieve promotion, financial enrichment, political recognition and power over others. Even Jesus' disciples, James and John, sought a measure of success by asking Jesus to make them His deputies. Jesus' teaching to them and a lesson to us is that spiritually reborn Christians are servant leaders who place the needs of others before selfish desires. Scripture (1 John 5: 14) reminds us to ask the Lord for what ask for those things which are according to His will. How can we know that we are ready to take our faith and spirit-led actions to next level? Pray and listen to the Holy Spirit because the Lord qualifies who the Lord calls on to take on more responsibilities in His Name. Remember, it is not what you can do for the Lord but what the Lord can do through you if you are humble and willing.

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