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"A Song for My Life," Matthew 11: 2--11, Pastor Marvin G. Spence

Believers, as they continue on their faith journey, will face faith-building situations, uncertain outcomes and life challenges. These circumstances will make them either question the strength of their faith or the answers to their prayers. God gives us a personal play-list of songs which encourage us to keep our hope alive regardless of what others think of our situations. We may share the same songs but the emotions they evoke in us is personal and based on our relationship with the Lord. Whether we sing about "God's Grace, Great is Thy Faithfulness, You Can't Beat God Giving, Let the Church Say Amen, or Bless This House, etc. it creates such a confident joy that we can't wait to share the Good News about the "What the Lord Has Done For Me." There are other examples but the point is God gives each of us our spiritual song play-list which no one neither can take from us nor keep us from singing. We may find ourselves confined by financial, health, relationship or sin consequences but none of these circumstances can take away our hope in His promises and the joy that He will neither forsake us nor leave His Believers in need. Scriptures confirms in Jesus' words in Matthew 7:7. Sing your songs of grace, mercy and joy with "Blessed Assurance."

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