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"Why Did I Get Married?" Genesis 2: 18-24, Pastor Marvin G Spence

When we reflect on Genesis 2: 18-24, we discover that God recognized that man was not meant to live alone and in God's wisdom He provided a suitable companion, woman. There are many reasons why people get married from the practical (financial ability to do more with pooled incomes) to the spiritual (envisioning another person who shares similar values and desiring to spend a lifetime with that person). There is another question: Why do people stay married? Statistically 45% of marriages end in divorce and 34% of people have never been married. We can learn life lessons from those people who are still married. Marriage is an ongoing labor of love. When two people become one family, there are decisions that must be made for the health of the relationship. Strive to include faith in God; follow scriptural guidance; share open, honest and intimate relationship; clarify and value respective roles; and share a desire to live out the same Christian values. In lasting marriages each partner loves each other as Christ as loves us, making the Lord the center of their joy.

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