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" Under Occupational Therapy," Isaiah 43: 1-7, Pastor Marvin G Spence

This scripture's central teaching point is that Believers need to recognize there is a continual need of spiritual therapy to help us overcome the challenges of living as Christians. Worldly wisdom exalts sinful lifestyles, saying bad is good and good is bad. We must neither ignore the fact that we need Holy Spirit intervention nor be too prideful (saved, sanctified) to ask for His help. When we look back over our lives, we realize that if it had not been for the Lord on our side, where would we be. There is constant pressure on Believers to conform to worldly standards with the tempting offer of compromise our Christian identity is without eternal consequences. God's prescription includes prayer, life application of Biblical teachings, Holy Spirit guidance and living out as a Jesus role model. It is only by embracing this therapy can we become the Christians that we self-identify with Jesus. As with any therapy, we must follow-through and practice those lessons learned into our daily lives. Within each of us is the Holy Spirit power to do with pleases the Lord.

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