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"Sight to the Blind," John 9: 1-12, Pastor Marvin Spence

We are living in a situation where a number of people have embraced spirits of doubt and panic because of the corona virus. The government has limited public gatherings to ten people or less requesting that we maintain a six foot social distance between each other. The official motto is "Be Safe, Stay Home."   government declared some businesses essential but defined all social gatherings, such as worship, funerals, graduation, etc. as non-essential. 

We can see what the government is attempting to do to limit the spread of the virus, but what can we do as people of faith to keep our focus and not succumb to fear?   We need to follow medical guidance but regain our spiritual sight, rediscover that we remain under God's protection and remember that our faith has brought us through other health crises such as swine flu, mad cow disease, Ebola and SARS. 

For mature Believers it is our obligation to reassure those new to the faith journey that God's Spirit will work through responsible leaders and medical providers but God is in control.  There is no greater testimony than a Believer who shares the Lord's peace with others who seek to compensate for fears by hoarding supplies and gun purchases for an unlikely societal failure. Our prayer is that all seek discernment which allows us to come to our spiritual senses and conclude that we are neither forsaken or forgotten and that is great news worth sharing.

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