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"Pivotal Points in Our History," Romans 13: 8--14; Pastor Marvin G Spence

Most of us will neither leave behind a large estate, a financial windfall for our family nor an endowment for a charity or a university.  Romans 13: 8--14 teaches us that we can leave a legacy of love which becomes our personal historical marker for others to take note of and emulate. We are asked to become "woke" to the fact that to be called Christian is a call to love one another as Christ loved us. Some political leaders, institutions and public servants, such as police, have created a culture and environment where "Black Lives Matter Less."  Routine traffic stops, watching TV at home, sleeping in your bed, or jogging on public street should not be a potential death sentence. We have been blessed with an assertive voice and Christian courage to affirm that "Black Lives Matter too."  With the time remaining in our lifetimes we are challenged to love one another by our actions and works. There is hope that we can live Christ transformed lives which others can notice and seek to imitate us as we live a Christ-changed lifestyle.  Christian love is more than a phrase, it is a movement which lives beyond us.  Do you know what time it is?  Read your Bible and discern the times.

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